Open ended project on a relevant security/private topic.

Phase 1: Iterating on the proposal

By Nov 4 - Share your initial ideas in this Google Doc (NYU login required). Danny and the entire class will provide feedback.

By Nov 11 - Continue to refine your ideas in the same Google Doc. Danny and the entire class will provide feedback continuously. The proposal should be finalized this week. Teams should start working on the projects.

Phase 2: Working on the project

Nov 18 - Present your preliminary progress report over 3 slides (over Google Drive): problem/motivation, proposed method, preliminary and expected results. Record your presentation in a 3-minute video, using the free version of the Loom app.

Nov 25 - No class, but keep working on the project on your own.

Dec 2 - Update your slides in Google Drive with more progress. Danny will go through these slides in class. There is no need to present, but each group should be prepared to answer questions in class.

Dec 9 - Project presentation - live. Each group will present their project, live, in 8-minutes. Danny and the class will ask questioins.

Dec 16 - Submit your written project report. Danny will publish select reports as blogs.

Final Reports (NYU only)